Coogam Wooden Shape Color Sorting Clock – Teaching Time Number Blocks Puzzle Stacking Sorter Jigsaw Montessori Early Learning Educational Toy
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Geometry Learning Clock: comes with 12 removable blocks, and 12 shaped number pieces, natural wood material, smooth edge and child-safe paints. The slots for the pieces are deep enough to slide in. Gift box makes an excellent storage container, Diameter: 8.43”, weight:13.7oz
Significant Educational Toys: not stiff arrows, the minute hand move incrementally as the hour hand goes clockwise. The numbers printed only on one side and sectioned by hue and that the inner circle has even more potential for learning in the years to come
Trave Size Shape Clock: Great Montessori style learning for preschool aged kiddos to learn how to really tell time without a digital clock! Kids can play it as puzzle blocks,and work on shape, color and number, and most obviously, time
A Last Gift For Kids: brightly colored, feels solid, the little puzzle pieces are nice shapes and easy to maneuver. No peeling off paints after using. Cute wooden clock kids gift for more learning possibilities
This product is up to safety standard ASTM, CPISA, EN71, CPC.

Coogam Wooden Shape Color Sorting Clock – Teaching Time Number Blocks Puzzle Stacking Sorter Jigsaw Montessori Early Learning Educational Toy
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  • The wood educational shape sorting clock toy set can be used as a tool for children to learn at different stages, helping children to better grasp colors, identify numbers, recognize shapes and identify time. Make your child's thinking more flexible and make sure they are more engaged in learning while using the game.
  • Toys that have educational and playful meanings that your child will like, use it as a toddler or a 1-4 year old child, whether it is a boy or a girl, give them as a gift on birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or other major holidays, they will be happy to receive the gift, take it home quickly!


Minute hour time-telling pre-kindergarden game wood manupulative matching boys girls

1. To better grasp colors

Different colors on the same tool will be more attractive to your child. They are willing to try a few more times on their favorite colors, develop your child's sensory ability in visual cognition.

2. To identify numbers

The color of the clock and the color of the card slot are different and easy to identify. You can complete the process of your child's series of basic recognition of numbers to addition and subtraction between numbers.

3. To recognize shapes

The numbers in different shapes for each slot are easy to pick up and put down. More suitable for small hands to grasp, this clock puzzle is simple to operate each block.

4. To identify time

Clock-shaped wooden toys that cultivate your child's time concept from an early age. The minute hand and the hour hand adjust the angle according to the direction in which your hand rotates. They are all manually adjusted, It is more convenient for you to switch the time at any time.

Product Specification:

Material: Environmental friendly and non-toxic wooden material

Color: multi-colors

Wooden clock with 12 removable pieces

Size: 8.5×8.5 inches

Gift box: Diameter: 8.43”, weight: 13.7 oz

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