Coogam Letters Matching Eggs 26PCS ABC Alphabet Color Recoginition Sorter Puzzle Easter Travel Bingo Game Uppercase Learning Educational Fine Motor Skill Montessori Gift for 1 2 3 Year Old Toddler Kid
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Eggs-ellent Toy: An instant hit and amazing improvement of matching eggs! 26 white eggs that opened to colorful interiors with embossed 26 uppercase letters. Inside 5 true colors are red, blue, yellow, orange, green. Match the alphabet by the interior color and letters’ shape of the "yolk" and then works at connecting the pieces together. The carton measures 11.6x9.8x2.8in, weigh 25.5oz.
Multi-purpose Learning Tool: Alphabet letters matching egg is great to teach colors and shapes naturally, kids can take them all apart and match them all, name the alphabet, and tell the colors. Come in a container, stored away easily and neatly. Great way to teach your child clean up too! This is a great "grow into more activities" toy--not one that will be discarded in a month.
Solid & “Kid-proof” Quality: This product is up to safety standard ASTM, CPISA, EN71, CPC. No "plastic stink", they are good, stable, nontoxic material even when washed in hot water. No flaws- not a single rough edge or anything. Easy to take apart but stuck together well.Sturdy case and eggs enable you use it to last.
Great Pretend Play And Matching: If your kid is obsessed with eggs, and this was an awesome approach for toy and learning! Plenty of alphabet options and stick together well. Many deal with sensory issues, educational delays, motor skills etc. Recommend for any egg enthusiast.
Montessori Educational Gift:Pick the eggs out of the carton, open it up to see what color and shape will get. Great for creative little minds. Toys that involve organizing, sorting, matching. Just what you are hoping to hold a child’s interest. Great for home or church daycares, perfect for imaginative kitchen play! Also would be a great Easter egg hunt activity as well. One best choice of Christmas&birthday gifts, travel game.

Coogam Letters Matching Eggs 26PCS ABC Alphabet Color Recoginition Sorter Puzzle Easter Travel Bingo Game Uppercase Learning Educational Fine Motor Skill Montessori Gift for 1 2 3 Year Old Toddler Kid
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Is your kid currently working on alphabet/color recognition?

The uppercase letters are the different colors as the background clearly raised, making them very visible. Teaches colors and 26 alphabet naturally, At the same time, allowing children to just have fun playing with eggs. Colorful interiors with embossed 26 uppercase letters, no noise or electronic parts, which is a rarity for toys at this age. A fun toy that gets played with multiple times every day! All of them stick and are easy to open with coogam prime quality.

Are you on the lookout for toys to keep around the house that are educational and possibly hit a few of these areas of needs for kids?

Match them by the interior color and alphabet shape, take the eggs out and put them back in the carton that is just like Mom's egg carton. Kids are interested in the centers and match the pieces. They pull apart easily enough to not frustrate weak little hands, yet stick together well enough they didnt come apart when the toddler decided to throw them around. A great interactive toy with many opportunities for learning.

Who would have thought that eggs could be so much fun?

Just open them up and look at the colors. Or dump all the eggs in a basket and carries them around, plays pretend like kid's shopping and is buying eggs. Play it as a carpet puzzle activity. Play them as bath toys, play in child’s little kitchen to get a lot of uses out of these eggs. Enjoyed the squeaky sounds of the eggs and was focused opening and closing the little egg shells. If you are looking for a preschool aged child then get these and think “outside of the box” in way to use them! Lol recommend for any egg enthusiast.

Multi-purpose toy that encourages your toddler to problem solve!

Help toddler with color identification, learning & motor skills by working on opening the eggs and being able to push the 2 halves of the eggs back together themselves. Kids who are developmentally behind & need extra help in various areas. See that their ability to get the eggs back together has improved even in the very short time you've had them. This keeps kids’ interest for a long time and will grow with them, as over time kids will learn to match the alphabet / colors. So simple, interesting, and educational! Great toys that involve organizing, sorting, matching, etc.


The carton size: 11.6x9.8x2.8in

Weigh 25.5oz

Material: Plastic

Quantity: 26 eggs

Inside pattern: 26 uppercase letters

Inside Colors: 5 blue, 5 yellow,5 green, 5 orange, 6 red.