Adult's Lego Toy
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So then you realize there are these conventions. And you go to one of these conventions, and some dude built the Titanic. And you're like, "Holy shit! He had to come in like a truck, a semi, with this thing." And then built this -- this is the Smith Tower in Seattle. Just beautiful. And there's a dude selling these aftermarket weapons for Lego, because Lego -- the Danish -- no, they're not into guns. But the Americans? Oh, we'll make some guns for Lego, no problem. And at a certain point you look around, you're like, "Whoa, this is a really nerdy crowd." And I mean like this is a nerdy crowd, but that's like a couple of levels above furries. The nerds here, they get laid -- except for the lady with the condoms in her pocket -- and you said to yourself at some point, "Am I part of this group? Like, am I into this?" And I was just like, "Yeah, I guess I am. I'm coming out. I'm kind of into this stuff, and I'm going to stop being embarrassed."

So then you really get into it. And you're like, "Well, the Lego people in Denmark, they've got all this software to let you build your own virtually." And so this is like this CAD program where you build it. And then whatever you design virtually you click the button and it shows up at your doorstep a week later. And then some of the designs that people do they actually sell in the store. The Lego guys don't give you any royalties, strangely. But some user made this and then it sold. And it's pretty amazing actually.

Then you notice, that if that Lego-provided CAD program isn't enough, there's an entire open-source third party independent Lego CAD program that lets you do 3D modeling and 3D rendering and make, in fact, movies out of Lego, 3D films of which there are thousands on YouTube. And some of them sort of mimicking famous films. And some totally original content. Just beautiful. And people recreating all sorts of things. I have to take a moment. I love the guy who's like running away with his clasps, his hooks. Okay. Anyway.